Finding Your Life in God

Psalm 23 A psalm of David.

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul…

The 23rd Psalm is a wonderful illustration of the loving relationship that our God desires to have with His children. This image of a shepherd caring for His flock, providing abundantly for them, protecting them, bringing them into places of rest and contentment, is a wonderful truth helping to form a foundation for our lives.

I want to encourage you today to go back and re-read this Psalm.  Meditate on the images of sheep who are so well fed that they are lying down in places of abundance.  Sheep, so satisfied and protected, that they are refreshed and fearless.  These are illustrations of how our Father longs to provide for us in His presence. 

Remember the exhortation of Colossians 3:2 and “set your minds on things above.” Our Father wants to form and maintain this kind of healthy, content, supported life for each of us, His children.  As an act of faith, read this Psalm again; reflect, receive, set your mind on and thank God for all that He has done and will do for you.  He is your shepherd and He will make your cup overflow.