A Wonderful Christmas Gift

There are few gifts that you can give, or receive this Christmas season, that are more powerful than the gift of forgiveness and blessing.

To forgive, or cancel a debt of emotional, relational, spiritual or financial debt, is one of the most powerful things you can do.  In the Lord’s prayer Jesus exhorts us to pray daily and forgive anyone who is in life’s debt to us.  He exhorts us in other places to bless those who curse us, bless them and do not curse them.

This truth of acting like Jesus and forgiving generously does several important things.  It teaches us about Jesus’ life of love and enables us to live as He lived.  To love one another as I have loved you, was Jesus primary command to his disciples.

Also, it frees us from the destructive pain and demonic invitation of unforgiveness, anger and bitterness.  Choosing to be unforgiving is agreeing with the devil and is one of the fastest ways you can open yourself to toxic spiritual and emotional poison.

Forgiving and blessing on the other hand, is a sure way to invite the presence and power of Jesus into your world. “I choose to forgive you and I cancel this debt you owe me.”  This is a choice we make and it begins the healing of any related wounds.  As I make this choice, Jesus comes into my heart and life to heal and to restore the wounds and loss in my life and soul.  

These issues are simple and powerful, and yet can be very complex.  If this article has aroused a truth in your heart, I want to invite you to go to my website, www.theoakrsm.org, for further reading and study.  You will find two lessons directly dealing with forgiveness on the resource page. There are many other sources of good wisdom on forgiveness, inner healing and blessing. My point here is that it is truly worth investing your time and energy in this important spiritual skill.

These are truly some of the most powerful, restorative, healing gifts you can give or receive this Christmas.  I bless you all, may you truly receive the grace and mercy of our Lord in ever increasing ways this Christmas. God Bless You! Merry Christmas!