The History of Revival, Dr. Garth Rosell


Mike Bickle, Pray-Reading the Word (Check out the great resources at


Robby Dawkins, Encounters in Afganistan


J. Edwin Orr, The Awakening of 1858


J. Edwin Orr, The Welsh Revival

File-Audio-iconOctober 9th, Evening Service

Ken Fish, God’s Wind in the World

File-Audio-iconSeptember 25th, 2016

David Knaup, The Promise of Greater Works

The Forgiveness Outline: Click the link to download and view this PDF of an extensive study on the practical work of forgiveness. Forgiveness Outline

File-Audio-iconSeptember 11, 2016

David Knaup, Imitating the King

File-Audio-iconAugust 28th, 2016

David Knaup, Expressing the Kingdom of God

File-Audio-iconJuly 3rd, 2016

David Knaup, The Purpose of Power

File-Audio-iconJune 5th, 2016

David Knaup, The Call to Kingdom Discipleship

File-Audio-iconMay 22nd, 2016

David Knaup, The Kingdom of God is Mercy

File-Audio-iconOctober 25th, 2015

Ken Fish, The Word and Power