The Oak Christian Fellowship of Rancho Santa Margarita

These statements are brief descriptions of values that the leadership of the Oak hold near and dear.  All are designed to give you windows into who we are and what the Oak seeks to be and practice. 

Mission Statement:

The Oak is called to be a Servant and Support to the Church of Christ to fulfill the great commission.

Vision Statement:

We work to see the Church of Christ united in Christian love, the unity of faith, based on the Bible, to bring revival and renewal to the Church and this nation.

 The Oak Distinctives

1. We Love the Whole Church:  We build the whole church by accepting, blessing and supporting all who love the person and work of Christ.

2. God’s Living Word:  We practice the dynamic truth of the Bible.

3. Community is Life: We will seek to be a multi-generational and multi-ethnic community for this is God’s design for joy, life and health.

4. The Now and the Not Yet: We live in the time of the advance of the Kingdom of God.

5. Come Holy Spirit: We are a Spirit led community and we invite the manifest presence of God.

6. Naturally Supernatural:  We worship and serve with an attitude of love, truth and simplicity that leads to supernatural encounter with Christ.

7. Equipping the Saints: We practice the education and training of the body of Christ for the works of the ministry.

8. A Culture of Honor: We practice collegiate relationships in our authority structures being humble and truthful.

9. Everyone Gets Involved:  We enable each believer to find their noble calling to love and serve the King.

10. Plant Churches that Plant Churches: We are a movement of local and international missions and church planting.

11. Come as You Are, but Don’t Stay That Way: We practice being culturally relevant while not compromising the ancient message of our God.

12. Lord Keep Us Close to You:  We walk in a way that is above reproach in every aspect of our public and private life.