Who Is Knocking at Your Door?

Revelation 3:20 Here am I! I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. 

Many Christians have read this rather famous quote from the book of Revelation.  Few have realized the amazing promises that it holds out to all of God’s Church, and to all the world.  Jesus speaks these words directly to the church of Laodicea –  a church that was known to God as being “lukewarm”. He challenges these religious Christians to wake up. He wants to break them out of a religious stupor that had poisoned their lives of faith. He offers something to them that is truly remarkable; something that we should take careful note of.

Intimate relationship…. you see Jesus is not after a bunch of workers to clean up the world.  He is after a family, a bunch of children who, walking with their father, spread His love over the whole earth.  What Jesus offers to the church of Laodicea is intimate fellowship.  He says, “Open your hearts to me.”  Let’s be together and share fellowship, a meal of the choice spiritual food.  In the Jewish/Christian culture of the day, there were not many more intimate things than having a meal together.  To be invited to dine with someone was to be invited into the family.

Jesus longs to share the true food of life with you and me.  He longs to have you sit in His presence and consider the rich resources of His word to you. He longs to share the satisfying presence of His Holy Spirit with you, gracing you closer and closer in His love. He longs to share His heart with you, revealing how unconditionally He loves you. I want to encourage you to take time this day, this week, to dine with your loving Savior.  I want to challenge you to ask Jesus to draw us out of our religious stupor and have some fun in His presence.  Start here: take the Scripture quoted above and get in a quiet place to read, and re-read it. Quiet your heart and invite Jesus in afresh. Listen to what He says, how your heart responds.  Let His Word break chains today. He is knocking on our door…let’s open that door.