A Day to Pray for America!

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, is a celebration of one of the official endings of slavery in the U.S.  The state of Texas was, in that day, the most remote of slave holding states and the emancipation became official there on this day in 1865.  

In light of all that is occurring in our country today, it is a great day to pray again for the final ending of the hatred, blindness and lies that supported slavery and still influence racism in our nation.  Pray for the healing of the race relations in our land.  Pray for the love of God in Christ to set a true tone of healing and reconciliation.  Pray for ending of poverty and isolation that fuels terrible lies about the races.  Pray for the healing and revival of our land.

Lord Jesus, you are the savior of humanity, we cry out for the healing of our nation.  Please pour out your Spirit of love and reconciliation on our nation.  Lord, fill each of us with your love.  May you be greatly glorified in the healing and revival of our nation.  Thank You!