Are You Hungry?

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

This passage, at the heart of the Beatitudes, is commonly quoted in Christian circles.  Yet, I believe we understand so little of the power that this principle makes available to us.

One of the single greatest obstacles to the robust renewal of our lives and the Church is what we hunger and thirst for!  If we as a people seek to grow a hunger and thirst for the rightness of God’s ways, He says we will be filled.  Jesus says that blessed, or deeply happy, are those who hunger, or pine for the right ways of God.  Jesus tells us that blessed are we who thirst, are panting to see the display of God’s ways in our homes, cities and nation.  He tells us that we will be filled, gorged on the goodness of God.

Hungering for righteousness is our choice!  This is not some fleeting emotional state, although our emotions will certainly be involved.  When you see the brokenness around you; the murders in the streets, the children being abused, the lies that are being told – cry out to God with all your heart for His righteousness to be manifest.  Ask God to fill you with His passion.  Ask for His heart of love for those around you.  Then – do something!  It does not have to be great, but if we obey we will bless the flow of His power in us.

One of the best ways to grow in hunger for God’s righteousness is to stop eating the junk food of this world.  It never truly satisfies; but that is a different thought for another time.  For now, ask God to fill you with hunger and thirst for his righteousness.  Let’s get hungry for more of God!