Make Your Life a Hotspot for Revival

Creating a Hotspot for Revival

What is a Hotspot?  As we study the history of revival we see that God uses the few to influence the many.  When we look at the bible heroes who stood up and prayed and proclaimed God’s will to the people gathered in Jerusalem, we see how God brings revival to His work by the influence and prayers of the leading few.  In the New Testament and later we see the disciples gathering together in one heart and prayer and the next steps of revival happening as they prayed.  The same thing is true in all the history of the church; when we see God gathering a few passionate people wholly given over to His will we see local and national revivals occur.  As they pray and cry out to God, others are drawn to the presence of God that is invited by their devotion and love.  This is a “Hotspot.” This is not a guarantee that every time we gather with fullness of devotion a revival will happen.  Revivals are the sovereign work of God.  We do have a promise that wherever we are truly gathered in love for Him, He will come.  His presence is the absolute must to see a revival happen.  So, what is the most direct way we can invite a revival?  We must become a hotspot of His presence!  How do we do this?

Become a Hotspot Yourself?  I am glad to tell you that as a man and Pastor I see a revival going on in my own soul.  I am more in love with Christ, and more given over to His will than ever before in my life. How did this happen?  I realized the truth that nothing in this world is worth more than loving God and loving people, and I have given myself to the task of living what I believe.  I devote hours each day to seeking and knowing God.  I make loving God, and loving people my first and greatest work.  This is not rocket science, but it is a matter of choosing to die to this life and live for the next, for Him.

“On our part there must be surrender to the Spirit of God, for His work is to show us the Father and Son. If we co-operate with Him in loving obedience, God will manifest Himself to us, and that manifestation will be the difference between nominal Christian life and a life radiant with the light of His face.”             A. W. Tozer

Join with Other Hotspots! There have been thousands of revivals that we have never heard about.  Small, localized revivals happen all the time, all around the globe.  We only become aware of them when they join together and become a regional, or national event that enlivens, or renews a whole people group. It is the same principle as a fire.  If you have a single coal it can burn brightly for a few moments and then it goes out. However, if you join a hundred coals together you get a hot, growing fire that effects many and burns much longer.  It you have hopes of seeing a revival start, seek out other people who are passionate for God and pray with them.  Then seek out other groups that are passionate and join with them.  God will guide you in this sovereign work and will show you who and when if you ask.

Pray for the Increase of Other Hotspots!  Intrinsic to this whole truth is the fact that we must be willing to bless and pray for all God’s church to see a revival come to our own lives and the churches of our areas.  We must be people devoted to putting God’s love and will above our own.  This manifests by the willingness to truly want the success of our brothers and sisters above our own.  This humble attitude is a magnet for the Holy Spirit.  Pray much for the success of those you work with and those who labor in God’s field all around you.

Lord fan to flame the life and love of God in all my brothers and sisters!  May you be glorified in a great open door of love, in the hearts of all your saints across this land.  Lord make me a Hotspot of revival.