Will You Join Me!

Dear Praying Friends,

I wanted to send you a note and encourage our united response to God in humble repentance and prayer. Many Godly leaders have pointed to the Biblical nature of the eclipse as a sign from God of impending judgement, or renewal. What will it be? Whatever your belief about signs and warnings from God our nation needs to repent!

Will you join me? First, I will be praying regularly, daily for our city, state and country! I am crying out for the Church to come together and seek His face in sincere desperation for the needs of our people. Will you join me?

Next, I will be going to my Church to cry out at our local gathering for a renewal and healing in our land. Will you join me?

Lastly, I will be taking some time off this week to go away and pray and focus my heart on seeking Him and all He has for me and my world. Will you join me? Do what you can. Take a lunch break this week to pour out your heart that we might see our nation repent and heal. Take an evening off from TV to pray as a family and seek His grace to heal our families and homes. Do what you can, but join me in taking a season of special devotion to Him.

We so need each other in this time. Encourage and strengthen those around you who are suffering and pray for our land. I will be praying for you.

Pastor David Knaup